Stream: Radiohead’s Philip Selway’s new album Weatherhouse


    Radiohead drummer Philip Selway returns this week with his new solo album, Weatherhouse. Spotify users can stream the LP in full below.

    The follow-up to his 2010 solo debut, Familial, was recorded in Radiohead’s Oxfordshire studio with friends and musicians Adem Ilhan and Quinta. As a press release notes, the 10-track effort is “as concise in shape as it is expansive in mood and assured in execution, mining a generally darker, fuller sound than its gentler, more acoustic-based predecessor and reflecting the band-centred nature of its construction and its creator’s growth in confidence.”

    Thematically, the album promises to explore “a world of hope and plans, connection and disconnection — between family, friends, and self — and dreams and fears.” Selway commented on its magical, all-consuming nature, saying, “I love records that you can almost live in, where the songs become talismans that you take to heart. That’s what I was trying to create in Weatherhouse.”


    Weatherhouse is preceded by the singles “Coming Up For Air” and “It Will End In Tears”.

    Pre-orders for the album are ongoing.

    Weatherhouse Tracklist:
    01. Coming up for Air
    02. Around Again
    03. Let It Go
    04. Miles Away
    05. Ghosts
    06. It Will End in Tears
    07. Don’t Go Now
    08. Drawn to the Light
    09. Waiting for a Sign
    10. Turning It Inside Out

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