FACES: Dave Grohl

Volume 1.3, Fall Edition


    Feature artwork by Jacob Livengood (Purchase Prints + More)

    FACES is Consequence of Sound’s quarterly literary magazine. Each volume will focus on an artist whose scope of creativity and cultural impact defies simple categorization. Through a blend of original artwork and a variety of writings, we hope to both shed light upon and celebrate the artists who continually inspire us to put pen to paper.

    While kicking around ideas for this edition of FACES, Dan Bogosian, who contributes a piece here, asked, “At what point did my mom know who Dave Grohl was?” I laughed when I read the line in his email but quickly composed myself when I remembered that my mom also knows who Dave Grohl is from watching the Foo Fighters appear on a Thanksgiving episode of Top Chef a few years ago. At some point, Dave Grohl became the rock star you could take home to meet mom. A far cry from that moshing hair behind the kit on the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video.

    dave grohl - momBut being on my and your mother’s cultural radar isn’t a knock on Grohl. Rather it’s a symptom of two decades of steadily ascending into that pantheon of rock and roll torchbearers. When Dylan, McCartney, Young, and Springsteen are no longer able or willing to carry that glowing guitar pick, it’ll pass into Grohl’s capable and calloused hands. And I, for one, rock a little bit easier in the meantime knowing that there’s a succession plan in place that we can all agree upon — that one day I can play “Everlong” for my humoring, hard candy-gobbling grandchildren and say, “See. This is how we used to do it,” and I’ll pass that piece of myself along to them like “Born to Run” and “Maybe I’m Amazed” were bequeathed to me.


    Until then, though, enjoy this collection of writings on Dave Grohl. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to head over to my parents’ house to watch the new Sonic Highways episode. “I just wish he’d shave that beard and cut that hair. He cleans up so nice, just like you.”

    I know, Mom. I know.

    –Matt Melis
    Senior Editor

    Table of Contents:
    — Give Some to the Drummer by Ryan Bray
    — The Art of Transcendence by Kevin McMahon
    — Mileage: Dave Grohl’s Unrivaled Experience by Michael Madden
    — The Other Dave by Dusty Henry
    — There Is Nothing Left to Lose by Dan Bogosian
    — Original artwork by Jacob Livengood

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