Hear two songs from James Mercer’s pre-Shins band Flake Music


    On November 24th, Sub Pop will reissue the lone album from Flake MusicJames Mercer’s mid-’90s alt rock outfit that would eventually morph into The Shins. Mixed and mastered for the first time ever, When You Land Here, It’s Time to Return also features newly reinterpreted artwork. It will be available on vinyl, CD, and as a digital download.

    As a preview of the release, Sub Pop has shared two of the 12 remastered tracks. While not all that different from the eventual sonic output of The Shins, both “Spanaway Hits” and “The Shins” have slight tinges that inform the development from one band to another. The former embodies a much more pronounced slacker vibe, while the latter displays a kind of grimy bravado not always found in Mercer’s later work. Plus, it inspired the name of Mercer’s future band.

    “So cool to hear this record now with a proper mix,” Mercer told Rolling Stone. “We worked hard on these songs and finally we feel like they’ve been fully realized. Bask in the Nineties glow of our summers passed.” Pre-orders for the reissue are ongoing.


    “Spanaway Hits”:

    “The Shins”:

    When You Land Here, It’s Time to Return Tracklist:
    01. Spanway Hits
    02. Play
    03. Blast Valve
    04. Roziere
    05. Structo
    06. Candy Dish of Diamonds
    07. Deluca
    08. Mieke
    09. On the Playground, In the Wind
    10. The Shins
    11. Faded Polaroids
    12. Vantage


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