Woody Allen’s stand-up comedy albums reissued in new box set


    Before Woody Allen became the prolific director responsible for such classics as Manhattan and Annie Hall, he was a well-received stand-up. During his tenure as an in-demand touring comedian, he released three albums: 1964’s Woody Allen, 1965’s Volume 2, and 1968’s The Third Woody Allen Album.

    On January 13th, Allen’s entire discography is being reissued in a new commemorative box set. The Stand Up Years: 1964-1968 spans two discs and also includes exclusive material and bonus interviews taken from 2012’s Woody Allen: A Documentary.

    As a preview of the release, Allen has unveiled an exclusive audio excerpt from the film. In the clip, he fondly remembers his days as a comedian and offers up fascinating anecdotes about his longtime touring managers, Jack Rollins and Charles Joffe. Listen to the excerpt at

    The Stand Up Years: 1964-1968 Tracklist:

    Disc 1 – Recorded Live at Mr. Kelly’s, Chicago, March 1964:
    01. Private Life
    02. Brooklyn
    03. The Army
    04. Pets
    05. My Grandfather
    06. My Marriage
    07. Bullet In My Breast Pocket
    08. N.Y.U.
    09. A Love Story
    10. The Police
    11. Down South
    12. Summing Up

    Disc 2 – Recorded Live at The Shadows, Washington D.C., April 1965:
    13. The Moose
    14. Kidnapped
    15. Unhappy Childhood
    16. The Science Fiction Film
    17. Eggs Benedict
    18. Oral Contraception
    19. European Trip
    20. The Lost Generation

    Disc 2 – Recorded Live at Eugene’s, San Francisco, August 1968:
    21. The Vodka Ad
    22. Vegas
    23. Second Marriage
    24. The Great Renaldo
    25. Mechanical Objects
    26. Questions and Answers

    Bonus Material – A Decade of Stand Up: Audio excerpts from Woody Allen: A Documentary
    27. Mort Sahl – Changed the History of Comedy
    28. The Rolls Royce of Management
    29. Loyalty
    30. The New Comic
    31. The Village