David Letterman remembers The Orwells’ Late Show performance — watch


Appearing last night on Late Late Show — which is in the Regis Philbin stage of its month of rotating hosts — David Letterman and his longtime cohort Paul Shaffer discussed a great many things about their lengthy stint as the host and bandleader of Late Show with David Letterman. At one point during the interview, Letterman reflected fondly on the show’s various musical guests, singling out, in particular, last year’s star-making performance by The Orwells.

The young Elmhurst natives appeared on the program in early 2014, busting through a chaotic rendition of “Who Needs You” that is still memorable to Letterman more than 12 months later. “After all these years, something like that really tickles me,” Letterman said of the performance.

Letterman Discusses The Orwells from Jack Hedges on Vimeo.

Letterman also recounted the aftermath of the performance, when he asked the band to run through the song one more time. After being informed that guitarist Matt “The Denim Demon” O’Keefe had broken his strings, Letterman turned to Shaffer for help, who responded with his own encore of the track, complete with Shaffer writhing around on the ground akin to Orwells’ singer Mario Cuomo’s serpentine dance moves.

OrwellsGif2 OrwellsGif6Although he claims to have no musical skill himself, it’s clear Letterman has an ear for talent and an affinity for drums. Below, revisit the Orwells’ memorable performance in full.

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