FACES: Carrie Brownstein

Volume 1.4, Winter Edition


    Feature artwork by Jacob Livengood (Purchase Prints + More)

    FACES is Consequence of Sound’s quarterly literary magazine. Each volume focuses on an artist whose scope of creativity and cultural impact defies simple categorization. Through a blend of original artwork and a variety of writings, we hope to both shed light upon and celebrate the artists who continually inspire us to put pen to paper.

    I had a few concerns when selecting who would be the final artist featured in our first year of FACES. While the first three editions were exciting collections of art and writing, I also couldn’t help but notice a trend: Neil Young (old guy, rocker), Tom Petty (old guy, rocker), and Dave Grohl (rocker, coming soon: old guy). All three are worthwhile subjects who had interesting years to comment on, but I didn’t conceive FACES with the intention of falling into predictable patterns or starting a de facto old guy, rocker publication. We’ve had enough of those, I suspect. So, during a frigid November walk from Consequence of Sound’s annual year-end coverage meeting to a Thai restaurant, I asked editor Sasha Geffen, “What could we do?” Her response: “Sleater-Kinney has a new album coming out…”

    Sleater-Kinney. Carrie Brownstein. Sold.

    carrie bAnd as you read these pieces, I think you will be too. Alongside returning contributor Dan Bogosian and artist Jacob Livengood, we have fresh faces in Geffen, Leah Pickett, Nina Corcoran, and Michelle Geslani. I consider it a major coup that I snagged them from their various other commitments to contribute to this winter edition, but truth be told, I just had to type “Carrie Brownstein” in an email subject line and wait — and not for long. The final result is a collection of coming-of-age fiction, moving personal accounts, and sharp cultural analysis, all of which make one thing abundantly clear: Carrie Brownstein matters quite a bit to us all.


    For my own part, I admire Brownstein as the type of artist who further drives the nail into the coffin of gender stereotypes and myths that should’ve been buried decades ago. Her art answers, “Yes, women can rock as hard as men. Yes, women can be as funny as men. And no, a female artist doesn’t need a man behind her steering the ship in order to be successful.”

    And if that’s too strenuous a message, you can always just listen, watch, and laugh, too. Yeah, that works.

    –Matt Melis
    Senior Editor

    Table of Contents:
    — Yr Monster by Sasha Geffen
    — Inside a Girl by Leah Pickett
    — Sociolinguistics and the Role of the Observer: Or Why Carrie Brownstein Just Gets You by Nina Corcoran
    — The Dream of Carrie Brownstein Is Alive in Portland by Michelle Geslani
    — “Heroes.” by Dan Bogosian
    — Original artwork by Jacob Livengood


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