Here’s the next movie Trent Reznor is probably going to score


Director David Fincher and Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor have joined forces over the years with much success. Among their fruitful collaborations: The Social Network, which won Best Original Score at the 2010 Academy Awards; The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which garnered a 2011 Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Score; and most recently, 2014’s Gone Girl, whose excellent score wrangled both a Grammy and Golden Globe nod. Now, it appears the two may have the opportunity to link up once again.

Fincher has signed on with Warner Bros. to remake the classic Hitchcock thriller Strangers On A TrainGone Girl’s leading man, Ben Affleck, is also attached to the project. Gillian Flynn, whose own novel was the basis for Gone Girl, is currently in talks to pen the remake’s script.

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Tentatively titled Strangers, it’s set to take place in the modern world and will feature slight updates on the original Hitchcock classic. Instead of filling the role of a tennis pro and husband who ends up plotting murder, Affleck will “play a movie star in the middle of a campaign for an Oscar during awards season whose private plane breaks down and is given a ride to LA on another plane by a wealthy stranger.” A bizarre thriller with a handful of Gone Girl affiliates? Sounds like all that’s missing is Reznor’s brooding soundtrack.

With Deadline noting that the project “will follow the track of an express train” and Affleck apparently “clearing space to shoot,” it seems Strangers could be here sooner than later.

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