Nicolas Cage’s next film is a satire comedy about Osama bin Laden

Nicolas Cage funny

Of all the constants in life, Nic Cage’s unique brand of absurdity is among the most enjoyable and rewarding that we’re blessed with. He’s set to continue being one of the more enigmatic figures in Hollywood with a role in the new film from Borat and The Dictator director Larry Charles.

Army of One will star Cage in a story that loosely follows a GQ article from 2010 about Gary Faulkner, a construction worker from Colorado who set out on a self-issued mission to kill the Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden. History tells us that Faulkner’s efforts were unsuccessful, but not for lack of trying, as the wannabe hero attempted to sneak into Pakistan and Afghanistan over a dozen times with nothing but a sword and night-vision goggles to aid his attack on the terrorist leader.

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The satirical comedy is being produced by the Weinstein brothers, though it seems unlikely this will be one of the yearly prestige films they groom for the Oscars. Filming will begin in March, with Charles looking to release the film by the end of this year.

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