This guy recorded alternate versions of your favorite TV theme songs, and they’re incredible


    Watch a TV show long enough, and the theme song will embed itself so deep into your brain you’ll inevitably catch yourself unwittingly humming some twisted version. (Possibly explains why I coped with forced holiday viewings of Two and A Half Men by scream-singing “Dudely dude dudes”.) YouTube user dotflist takes this phenomenon to its utmost extreme, as he’s recorded alternate, utterly absurd themes for some of TV’s most beloved titles.

    Employing musical styles ranging from jangly pop to furious punk, dotflist’s themes — over 70 in all — alternate between direct plot summaries (Girls) to disturbing re-imaginings (The Simpsons). With such sincere delivery and sheer musicianship, the songs just might fool you into thinking these shows genuinely did air on HBO. The whole experience is sort of like watching your favorite shows broadcast from some wacky alternate timeline, but like the actual themes they’re based on, the songs are all unavoidably catchy.

    Grab a bag of popcorn, plop down on the couch, and watch a few below. For the remainder of dotflist’s videos, head here.


    Choice Line: “All those friends in one bed/ Makin’ love forever”

    The Simpsons
    Choice Line: In which Marge is married to an alcoholic Bart, and they live with their son Homer and twin girls Lisa and Maggie.

    Choice Line: “They work shitty jobs, do coke all the time/ Mom and dad would be so mad”

    Parks and Recreation
    Choice Line: “Live your life without a care, don’t be a square/ Cause you already know the show’s on HBO/ Get in the park, open your heart”


    Choice Line: “Jerry’s telling his jokes/ Kramer’s up to no good/ George sells bras and is bald/ Elaine is in a living hell”

    The Cosby Show
    Choice Line: “Cosby we need you/ Cosby we care”

    Boy Meets World
    Choice Line: “When there’s nothing left to do/ When the world is crushing you”

    Choice Line: “Don’t fuck with your family/ They’re all you’ve got”