Neil Peart, Danny Carey, and Stewart Copeland team up for epic jam session — watch

Tool Rush The Police

Ever since The Police ended their 2007-2008 reunion tour, drummer Stewart Copeland has occupied his time by hosting star-studded jam sessions in his Sacred Grove studio. At a recent session, Copeland asked drummers Neil Peart of Rush and Danny Carey of Tool to test out some new kits he’d gotten in. And because why not, South Park co-creator Matt Stone and – wait for it – Vertical Horizon frontman Matt Scannell stopped by too.

Copeland took up guitar, Scannell held a bass, and the others all slapped skin. At one point, Peart asked if the gang was up to make “a little more noise,” and the phrase became the title of this particularly jazzy jam. Copeland brought in Mike Dolbear (drumming coordinator for the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony), Thomas Lang (StOrk), David Elitch (The Mars Volta, Antemasque) and Aaron Sterling (John Mayer) a few days later to add horns. “The piano was an afterthought,” Copeland said in the video’s description. Yeah, we can see how that might happen.

Watch the epic jam session below.

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