Stream: Torche’s new album Restarter

Torche - Restarter album

Florida sludge metal outfit Torche will release its fourth studio album, Restarter, on February 24th through Relapse Records. In anticipation, the record is streaming in full below (via Noisey).

The 10-track effort follows up on 2012’s breakout LP Harmonicraft. It was recorded in Miami at the band’s home studio, with bassist Jonathan Nuñez serving as producer. Converge’s Kurt Ballou mixed the album.

“We didn’t have a bunch of time with everyone traveling, so we had a tight schedule,” Nuñez said of the recording process in an interview with Rolling Stone last year. “It was pretty nonstop. I would wake up, have breakfast, start recording, then usually hang out for an hour at most, then go to sleep almost every night.”

The album is preceded by four singles, “Annihilation Affair”, “Bishop In Arrms”, “Loose Men”, and “Minions”.

Pre-orders are ongoing.

Restarter Tracklist:
01. Annihilation
02. Bishop in Arms
03. Minions
04. Loose Men
05. Undone
06. Blasted
07. No Servants
08. Believe It
09. Barrier Hammer
10. Restarter

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