The Go! Team release charged new song “Blowtorch” — listen


    Photo by Bosie Vincent

    The Go! Team has delivered a second taste of its forthcoming studio album The Scene Between. Following the record’s title track, the UK indie pop outfit has released the propellant “Blowtorch”.

    The song is a spirited representation of frontman Ian Parton’s determination that “samples would be treated as an instrument rather than a basis for the song” while putting the album together. “I wrote the song just on an acoustic,” Parton says in a press release, “but when it came to the recording I had the idea of building it from chords from loads of different sources, so say the G chord was a second sample from one song, the D chord from totally different kind of song and it went on — the process of layering all these turned it into a wall of sound.” Add that to Vinyl Tiger’s Doreen Kirchner and Sudden Ensemble’s vocal contributions, and the end result was “this kinda bratty, super melodic thing.”

    Take a listen below.


    The Go! Team’s first album in four years, The Scene Between is due March 24th on Memphis Industries.

    The Scene Between Tracklist:
    01. What D’You Say?
    02. The Scene Between
    03. Waking The Jetstream
    04. Rolodex The Seasons
    05. Blowtorch
    06. Did You Know?
    07. Gaffa Tape Bikini
    08. Catch Me On The Rebound
    09. The Floating Felt Tip
    10. Her Last Wave
    11. The Art of Getting By (Song For Heaven’s Gate)
    12. Reason Left to Destroy

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