The Thermals precursor Hutch and Kathy to reissue self-titled debut on vinyl

Hutch and Kathy Thermals Record Store DAy

    Hutch Harris and Kathy Foster weren’t always brash punk rockers. Before forming The Thermals, the duo wrote and recorded eccentric folk-pop tunes as Hutch and Kathy. In 2002, after holing up in their Portland homes, the pair released their self-titled debut. But by the next year, they were out promoting the very first Thermals record, More Parts Per Million, and Hutch and Kathy the band became a footnote in Thermals history.

    Now, Jealous Butcher Records is reissuing the duo’s album on vinyl for the first time as part of this year’s Record Store Day (April 17th). A press release draws clear comparisons between this folky endeavor and The Thermals proper:  “Like a Thermals LP, Hutch and Kathy is catchy as hell. Like a Thermals LP, it’s a lot of fun. And like The Thermals, it has the one key ingredient no other band has: Hutch and Kathy.”

    To commemorate the occasion, the duo has shared the album cut “In Brilliance”. Though a harmonica instantly separates this from anything remotely Thermals related, there is one thread that remains regardless of the format: Harris and Foster’s gentle harmonies as they deliver hopeful prose like, “Our eyes unite, we are on the sun burning so bright.” Listen in below.


    Harris and Foster will embark on a US tour in support of the reissue, with dates forthcoming. Below, find the complete Hutch and Kathy tracklist.

    Hutch and Kathy Tracklist:
    Side A:
    01. I Made You a Song
    02. In Brilliance
    03. Far & Lonely
    04. On the Way to Work
    05. My Unborn Beautiful
    06. You’re On
    07. To Heavens

    Side B:
    01. Through the Day
    02. Half These Tears
    03. A Minutes Decision
    04. An Infinite Loop
    05. Days in the Years
    06. A Rich Nation
    07. I Make a Song