Turbo Fruits share new single “Don’t Let Me Break Your Heart Again” — listen

Nashville garage rockers display newfound maturity on their latest LP, No Control


    Photo by Pooneh Ghana

    With three albums to their name, Nashville band Turbo Fruits have earned a reputation for their brain-fried garage rock jams about drugs, girls, and good times. Not that there’s anything wrong with good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll, but everyone grows up, and that’s exactly what Turbo Fruits are doing on their latest album, No Control.

    We’ve already heard their tightened and shined up sound on the Patrick Carney-produced “The Way I Want You”, and now they’re showing their maturity with “Don’t Let Me Break Your Heart”. Still replete with the band’s catchy garage stylings, the track displays a self-awareness above the quartet’s partying personas as singer Jonas Stein recounts the struggle of a on-again-off-again romance. “We’ve been here a million times before/ Something about you that I can’t ignore,” goes the chorus, “Always play into each other’s games/ Chasing memories never feels the same.”

    Take a listen:


    No Control is due April 20th through Turbo Fruit’s new label home, Melvin Records/Thirty Tigers. Proving they’re still the same old Tennessee boys, pre-orders of the deluxe limited edition vinyl package come with special Turbo Fruits rolling papers. See the tracklist below.

    No Control Tracklist:
    01. Show Me Something Real
    02. The Way I Want You
    03. Don’t Let Me Break Your Heart Again
    04. Favorite Girl
    05. Need To Know
    06. Don’t Change
    07. No Reason To Stay
    08. Friends
    09. Blow These Clouds
    10. Worry About You
    11. Big Brother

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