Husky announces new album, Ruckers Hill, shares title track — listen

Melbourne indie rockers draw inspiration from bygone memories

Husky Melbourne Ruckers Premiere

    Originally set to debut late last year, Melbourne indie rockers Husky are finally ready to release their sophomore album, Ruckers Hill, on June 2nd through Nevado Music. The follow-up to 2012’s Forever So was produced by frontman Husky Gawenda and keyboardist Gideon Preiss, and mixed with help from Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, The Shins). In anticipation of the long overdue release, the band has shared the album’s title track.

    According to Gawenda, Ruckers Hill is named after a real place near a charming cottage in Northcote where he used to reside “with a particular girl.” “I used to walk, at night, up to the top of Ruckers Hill where we could see the city sparkling in the distance,” he explains. “Most of what I had, standing there on Ruckers Hill, has vanished now. And yet I search for it still. For that time, that place, those dreams of the future, those city lights shining in the night. Many of the songs and stories on the album come from that place and time in my life including this one, the title track of our new record, ‘Ruckers Hill’.”

    The song itself fittingly opens with a strong sense of nostalgia, evoked by sobering harmonies and light guitar strums. Halfway through, though, the track is offset by a rush of dynamic drums, which effectively transform the whole affair into an upbeat celebration of bygone memories. Listen in below.


    For more of Ruckers Hill the album, check out “Saint Joan” and “I’m Not Coming Back”. A round of US tour dates are forthcoming.

    Ruckers Hill Tracklisting
    01. Ruckers Hill
    02. Saint Joan
    03. Heartbeat
    04. For To Make a Lead Weight Float
    05. I’m Not Coming Back
    06. Mirror
    07. Arrow
    08. Wild and Free
    09. Fats Domino
    10. Leaner Days
    11. Drunk
    12. Gold In Her Pockets
    13. Deep Sky Diver


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