Marathon: Fast and Furious

The day one film critic learned to ride or die.


    Marathon is a new recurring feature in which one of our writers endures a grueling face-off with a franchise or collection of work in a single sitting and reports back on the experience. In our inaugural edition, Justin Gerber paces himself through all six Fast and Furious films in anticipation of Furious 7, out this week.  

    At the beginning of my morning on Sunday, March 8th, 2015, I hated the Fast and Furious franchise. I had only seen the first one, and that was well over a decade ago. I thought it was dreadful and swore off the series entirely. By late evening on that very same Sunday, after watching every Fast movie, something was changed in me forever. I now considered myself a full-fledged member of the Fast family.

    How did this happen? Most of the credit goes to director Justin Lin, who took over duties starting with Tokyo Drift and guided the series in a whole new direction. Gone were (most) of the car races, which were replaced by car chases. It stopped taking itself so seriously and became a fun, fast, and furious franchise. Please read on and relive my journey on that fateful Sunday morning, afternoon, and night.


    Ride or die…

    –Justin Gerber
    Film Editor

    The Fast and the Furious



    MINUTE 1:40 And we’re already shooting grappling hooks through windshields.

    2:56 Driving a car under a semi Clark Griswold style.

    4:42 Brian’s “I’ll have the tuna” delivery is just as awful as I remember it.

    5:55 Michelle Rodriguez and the rest of Dom’s team enter. She has flames on her shoes.


    9:55 “NOS. I need NOS!”

    10:25 Every song sounds like Linkin Park and Crazy Town made love and had a soundtrack.

    11:00 “Rollin’”!

    12:15 Man. Ja Rule was huge 14 years ago.

    13:10 “I smell…skanks.”

    16:00 Weird Pizza Hut placement when delivery man is told, “Streets closed, pizza man.”


    16:37 First car race!

    18:34 Seeing engines fire up is pretty cool.

    18:57 “Damn, that guy’s fast.” – stock Asian American actor.

    19:09 “Let’s go…menage!” – Ja Rule

    22:14 “Winning’s winning.” – Dom

    26:42 “I’ll die before I go back.” Dom’s Neil McCauley moment.

    27:34 Johnny Tran a.k.a. henchman from Die Another Day!

    29:45 “What the hell was that all about?” Delivered dead-behind-the-eyes twice in a minute. Walker is awful in this.

    34:20 “I’m simpler.” Truer words never spoken.

    35:25 Ted Levine! And the Point Break reveal is here.


    37:30 “You want time? Get the magazine.” – FBI Agent

    42:20 Jesse, the engineering genius in Dom’s gang, not long for this franchise. Not hawt enough.


    45:22 Pretty sure Harry was a vampire on Angel. Will follow up. (Confirmed)

    49:46 Vince convinced Brian’s a cop. Pretty sure Vince turns out to be the rat/turncoat. Don’t remember him in trailers for the next dozen movies.

    52:37 Garage full of stolen DVD players. Remember those? #bluray #netflix #prime

    55:25 “I need a few more days. I need a few more days.”

    57:15 Dom’s speech to Brian about his father dying in fiery car crash is awfully sad now in light of what happened to Walker.

    57:45 “I live my life one quarter mile at a time.” – Dom

    HOUR 1:09:30 Race Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1:12:25 The ADR in this movie is as out of control as these crazy street racers!

    1:15:30 Race Wars rave!!!!!!!!

    1:16:30 “I’m a cop,” Brian reveals to Mia, but tells her he never lied about his feelings for her. Wait, this character has emotion?


    RANDOM THOUGHT: Bieber street races, right?

    1:19:00 Well, Dom’s team are the bad guys after all. I’m sure Brian won’t throw away his career to join the gang in the future. Positive.

    1:26:25 Real good stunt work with the jumpings on and off of moving semis. If there is CGI, it isn’t obvious.

    1:28:05 Dom knows Brian’s a cop. This Diesel’s gonna blow!

    1:31:29 And Jesse is dead. Like I said: not good-looking enough.


    RANDOM THOUGHT: The movie Torque.

    1:33:05 The simpler days of F&F, when the climax consisted of two cars chasing two motorcycles.

    1:36:39 Weird slow-mo there, director.

    1:38:51 Johnny Utah wouldn’t let the perp escape. “I owed you a 10-second car.”

    1:39:41 Brian walks away in slo-mo, and the movie ends. Cue Ja!

    RANDOM THOUGHT: The movie Biker Boyz.

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