Mars Volta offshoot Antemasque accused of throwing boiling water at concert audience

Several fans claim to have been struck and burned as a result


Photo by William Ratel

Antemasque, the new project featuring Mars Volta members Omar Rodríguez-López and Cedric Bixler-Zavala, find themselves in a bit of hot water

The band is accused of throwing a series of objects — including a tea kettle of boiling hot water — into the audience during a performance at Westfest in Auckland, New Zealand earlier this week.

The New Zealand Herald has shared a photo of one an attendee with burn marks on his arm, allegedly the result of the boiling water splashing onto him. Another attendee claimed the water hit him in the face.

burn marks

Video below purportedly shows Bixler-Zavala holding the tea kettle and throwing it. There are also photos of the band hurling other items into the audience, including speaker stacks and instrument cases.

Westfest organizers told the Herald that they are investigating the incident. Representatives for Antemasque offered no comment.

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