Ranking: Community’s Musical Moments from Worst to Best

A musical refresher before Season 6 drops.

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    Community has always been streets ahead of the competition as a sitcom for pop culture mavens. There’s been plenty to enjoy for music lovers, too. In its first five seasons, the embattled show boasted cameos from Ben Folds, Sara Bareilles, and Sophie B. Hawkins, a co-writing spot from Adam Levine, and a huge group of great sampled and original tracks, including an entire episode dedicated to spoofing Glee. This list takes a broad interpretation of what constitutes musical moments, so you’ll see clips ranging from Britta’s pizza dance in “Remedial Chaos Theory” to Ludwig Göransson’s compositions and songs performed by cast members.

    In anticipation of Season 6 making the move to Yahoo TV, let’s revisit these 100 classic scenes. There are hilarious lyrics. There are heartfelt moments. There are downright bizarre non-sequiturs. It may be hard to stop listening.

    However, I wish you luck!

    –Killian Young
    Staff Writer

    100. “Green Daeye”

    (“Environmental Science” S1E10)

    The Dean’s ace in the hole to get attendees for the Green Week dance at Envirodale Greendale.

    99. “You Made Me Like It”

    (“Pilot” S1E01)

    Another establishing moment in the relationship when Jeff tries to hit on Britta in the cafeteria.


    98. “You Get What You Give”

    (“Advanced Documentary Filmmaking” S4E06)

    Chang changes Jeff’s opinion that Changnesia is real as the two seem to turn over a new leaf.


    97. “Night Cap”

    (“Interpretive Dance” S1E14)

    An ode to the most fashionable headwear for sleeping.

    96. “Party Where Your Heart Is”

    (“The Art of Discourse” S1E22)

    This song soundtracks another of Abed’s quintessential college experiences: a cafeteria food fight.

    95. “Please Do Not Go”

    (“Football, Feminism and You” S1E06)

    Jeff and Annie reconcile their differences to support Troy as this Violent Femmes track plays.

    94. “Heatstroke”

    (“Early 21st Century Romanticism” S2E15)

    This Magic Bullets track plays when Annie cheers up (and goes to kiss) Britta after Page ditches her.

    93. “One Time Lover”

    (“Early 21st Century Romanticism” S2E15)

    The pretty librarian truly does turn out to be a one-time lover after she chooses Troy over Abed at the Valentine’s Day dance (mostly because Troy walks out on her to hang out with Abed).


    92. “Fancy Footwork”

    (“Early 21st Century Romanticism” S2E15)

    Chromeo soundtracks the moment in the Valentine’s Day dance where Britta and Page discover that neither of them is actually lesbian.

    91. “More Than This”

    (“Analysis of Cork-Based Networking” S5E06)

    Annie gets in way too deep with the underground politics of Greendale and contemplates at what cost the cafeteria can get its cork board.


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