The setlist Kanye West should have played last night, but didn’t

Someone made a faux 51-song setlist, posted it to, and faked everyone out (for a second)

Kanye Setlist

Kanye West played a surprise show in London last night, where he not only brought out special guests Raekwon of Wu-Tang Clan, Big Sean, and Vic Mensa, but also debuted a brand new song called “U Mad”. Suffice it to say that the 28-song setlist was one for the books.

However, it’s not the only setlist floating around. About an hour or so into the concert, a lengthy fake setlist popped up on, and admittedly, it took a second before we did a double take. A cover of Bernard Cribbins’ 1962 song “Right Said Fred” … ok, that’s weird, but Kanye’s been known to do weird things. “Yaya Toure” ***Googles*** So that appears to be the Manchester City soccer chant — weird he would do that, but when in London. Ah, “Gold Digger” — now, we’re getting started. Wait, a cover of Muse’s “Yes Please”???

Once in on the joke, the batshit hilarity of the faux setlist gets better with each entry: There’s a cover of Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody”, a performance of Prince’s “Purple Rain” with surprise guest Danny DeVito, Michael Bolton makes an appearance for Deftones’ “Heads Up”, Kanye performs a Bowling for Soup song on harp, and there’s a rant about him not getting co-creator credit for Breaking Bad. And that’s just the main set.

After a full performance of Iron Maiden’s Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, the encore kicks off with a set of hardcore songs by Refused and Destroyer, followed by a second encore in which Kanye eats a Snicker’s bar and sings Cats the Musical, a third encore featuring a Beck medley sans Beck, and a costume change leading to a fourth and final encore featuring “Black Skinhead” with Leonard DiCaprio” and — our favorite — Blink 182’s “All the Small Things” during which Tom DeLonge announces he’s left Blink-182 to become Kanye West.

To the person who put an ungodly amount of time and effort into this, bravo.

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