Deadpool movie to be R-rated, confirms Ryan Reynolds

The merc with a mouth is gonna get messy

Deadpool R rating

    One of the biggest questions surrounding the forthcoming Deadpool movie had been its rating. Many of those involved in the project — including star Ryan Reynolds — pushed for an R rating in hopes of keeping the character’s graphic, violent roots intact. FOX, however, expressed hesitancy over the idea of a superhero movie that wasn’t PG-13, especially one that uses a character from its wildly successful X-Men franchise. The studio got the costume right, but would they get the feel?

    Earlier today, JoBlo wrote a piece “confirming” the film would be PG-13. Reynolds responded on Twitter, writing:

    Now, in a new video released by JoBlo, Reynolds has revealed that it’s all been one big April Fools’ gag, as Deadpool will indeed be aiming for an R rating. Extra’s Mario Lopez guest stars in the clip, but it’s safe to say that the ending ensures Slater won’t be attending any more Saved by the Bell reunions.

    As the end of the video notes, that’s actually Ryan Reynolds in the Deadpool outfit, essentially providing our first look of the character in action.