Iron & Wine and Band of Horses’ Ben Bridwell team up for covers album

Two of indie rock's finest to cover Talking Heads, Spiritualized, and more on Sing Into My Mouth

Sam Beam - Ben Bridwell new album

    Two of indie rock’s finest songwriters are joining forces for a new collaborative album: Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam and Band of Horses’ Ben Bridwell have teamed up to present Sing Into My Mouth, a covers LP featuring new takes on Talking Heads, Spiritualized, Bonnie Raitt, Pete Seeger, and Sade, among others. The 12-track effort was recorded at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, North Carolina, and is due out sometime this summer via Beam’s Black Cricket and Bridwell’s Brown Records.

    For the longtime friends, Sing Into My Mouth is a project over a decade in the making. “Ben and I started our careers together and had been threatening to work with one another for years,” Beam explained in a press release. “When we finally conceived of the covers project and carved out some time, it was nostalgic and fun from top to bottom — the process of picking the songs to cover was really reminiscent of more than 15 years ago when we used to mail each other cassettes and CDs of music we were into — and the end of every recording day found us cutting up with friends the way we used to when we’d cross paths in South Carolina.”

    Bridwell chimed in, saying, “This is truly a ‘full circle’ moment for me … I’ve always wanted us to sing together and finally I have that dream realized.” The Band of Horses frontman also mentioned that a joint tour behind the album is on the horizon.


    Iron & Wine’s last album was 2013’s Ghost on Ghost, and Band of Horses’ was 2012’s Mirage Rock.

    Sing Into My Mouth Tracklist:
    01. “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)” (Talking Heads)
    02. “Done This One Before” (Ronnie Lane)
    03. “Any Day Woman” (Bonnie Raitt)
    04. “You Know Me More Than I Know” (John Cale)
    05. “Bulletproof Soul” (Sade)
    06. “There’s No Way Out of Here” (Unicorn)
    07. “God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get)” (El Perro del Mar)
    08. “The Straight and Narrow” (Spiritualized)
    09. “Magnolia” (JJ Cale)
    10. “Am I a Good Man?” (Them Two)
    11. “Ab’s Song” (Marshall Tucker Band)
    12. “Coyote, My Little Brother” (Pete Seeger)

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