Listen to Ryan Adams’ new 7-inch EP, I Do Not Feel Like Being Good

Featuring acoustic tracks called "I Do Not Feel Like Being Good", “How Much Light”, and “In the Dark”


Pax-Am Records recently announced four new 7-inch singles. Among them is a new record from the label’s founder Ryan Adams entitled, I Do Not Feel Like Being Good, which you can stream below.

The three tracks, including “I Do Not Feel Like Being Good”,  “How Much Light”, and “In the Dark”, were recorded in a single afternoon with nothing but Adams’ Buck Owens acoustic guitar and two microphones. According to the singer-songwriter, engineer Charlie Stavish “snuck in one day and mixed these,” and Adams asked not to hear them. But now you can, using the Spotify widget below.

The lead track is a ruminative country campfire song, as Adams squeaks his fingers across the strings and taps his foot in rhythm. “Stuck with a dream in rewind/ This is where we meet in my mind, girl,” he sings on the altering chorus. “How Much Light”, meanwhile, rings out like a Heartbreaker-era strolling love song. The last number burns as heavily as you’d imagine a track named “In the Dark” to do, but there’s a layer of optimistic love underneath: “Well even bad roads lead to cherries in the South.” Listen in:

I Do Not Feel Like Being Good is available through the Pax-Am website.

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