New Arthur Russell album, Corn, will feature previously unreleased songs

The LP is titled Corn and is previewed with closing track "Ocean Movie"

arthur russell new album corn

    Last year, Arthur Russell was honored with a Red Hot tribute album featuring contributions from Hot Chip, Robyn, Cut Copy, Twin Shadow, and Owen Pallett. On June 9th, the late musician’s legacy will be further celebrated with Corn, a collection of previously unreleased Russell tracks.

    Due out through Audika Records, a label dedicated to the distribution of archived Russell material, the LP’s nine tracks date back to 1982 and 1983, nearly a decade before Russell’s passing in 1992. That’s the album artwork above.

    Corn was compiled using 1/4″ tape masters, and features mostly solo tracks, with the experimental composer and singer also contributing cello, keyboards, vocals, and production. As Pitchfork notes, while Corn’s material has never before been released to the public, a few other songs from the same ’80s recording sessions made their way onto the 2004 Russell album Calling Out of Context.


    As a preview, Audika Records has shared the glitchy yet calming closing track “Ocean Movie”. Listen in below.

    Corn Tracklist:
    01. Lucky Cloud
    02. Corn
    03. Keeping Up
    04. See My Brother, He’s Jumping Out (Let’s Go Swimming #2)
    05. This Is How We Walk on the Moon
    06. Corn (Continued)
    07. Hiding Your Present From You
    08. They and Their Friends
    09. Ocean Movie