Speedy Ortiz gets grimy on new single “Puffer” — listen

Boston rockers deliver another slice of Foil Deer


    Photo by Ben Kaye

    Speedy Ortiz has thus far shared two tracks from its forthcoming sophomore LP, Foil DeerFirst came the bristling “Raising the Skate”, followed by the self-deprecatingly downbeat “The Graduates”. On new single “Puffer”, the Boston indie outfit finds itself digging through a heavier, grimier sound. Guitars squiggle about in gnarly chaos before cutting through with sharp stabs during the chorus. Bass stalks darkly over everything, adding menacing weight as Sadie Dupuis delivers glowering couplets like, “Poesy in and prose again/ Let’s all be friends and make pretend,” before declaring herself “God of the Liars.” Check it out below.

    Foil Deer hits retailers on April 21st via Carpark Records. Speedy Ortiz will support the release with a North American tour, and those dates can be seen here.


    Foil Deer Tracklist:
    01. Good Neck
    02. Raising The Skate
    03. The Graduates
    04. Dot X
    05. Homonovus
    06. Puffer
    07. Swell Content
    08. Zig
    09. My Dead Girl
    10. Ginger
    11. Mister Difficult
    12. Dvrk Wvrld

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