Star Wars Celebration 2015: A Report

Cap Blackard heads to Anaheim, California and finds balance in the Force.


    Star Wars Celebration Anaheim…

    You will never find a more devoted flock of fans and family.

    “Family” is a loaded word, but one that proved omnipresent throughout the four-day Star Wars event. At the Anaheim Convention Center, over 150,000 fans united in their love for a galaxy far, far away. Stars and creatives presided over a weekend of shocking media reveals, insightful panels, and fan events.


    This wasn’t my first trench run with Celebration. I’d attended the 2010 Orlando event, but it was nothing like this. The schism between prequel apologists and original trilogy truthers was mended, attendance had quintupled, and genuine excitement crackled in the air for creators and fans alike. It can’t be overstated: Lucasfilm’s sale to Disney changed everything.

    Ahead, you’ll find an exhaustive report that details (mostly) the entire weekend. To assist in your reading, we’ve broken down the whole hunk of junk into 10 informative sections. May the Force be with you:


    I. I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing

    II. The Force Awakens

    III. Consume. Obey. Conform.r2d2-gif

    IV. Special Editions

    V. Between the Lines

    VI. Enter the Story Group

    VII. Spark of Rebellion

    VIII. The Last of the Jedi You Will Be

    IX. The Force Runs Strong In My Family

    X. 10 Secrets From Star Wars Celebration 2015