Creepoid shares gripping new song “Shaking” — listen

Philly rockers grapple with nostalgia on the latest cut off Cemetery Highrise Slum


Photo by Karlo x Ramos

Philly’s Creepoid is just four weeks away from the release of its new album, Cemetery Highrise Slum. The indie rockers’ third LP to date will be out via Geoff Rickly’s own Collect Records, and features 11 tracks that touch on their “own tenuous mortality, our personal struggles and our individual shortcomings as human beings.” Following the gruff and gloomy “American Smile” comes “Shaking”, a song about grappling with nostalgia.

“For me, this song represents a longing for the past,” explains singer Sean Miller. “As time goes by, you start to notice many of the people you grew up with have cashed in their chips and given up on themselves as individuals or critical thinkers. Perhaps the shimmer has gone from their eyes and they resent you for keeping yours, maybe they’ve remained the same and it’s you who has changed. Regardless, the path you all shared at one point is undeniable, and the memory of it comes with an everlasting sense of fondness that is simultaneously unforgettable and unattainable.”

The music itself mirrors the track’s yearning lyricism, as bleary guitars wail and sigh with exhaustion. For his part, Miller’s muted growl is loaded with equal parts discontent and despair, as though his efforts to live and let go are simply futile. Listen in below.

Cemetery Highrise Slum lands in stores on June 23rd.

Cemetery Highrise Slum Tracklist:
01. American Smile
02. Devil in the Subtext
03. Fingernails
04. Seams
05. Dried Out
06. Shaking
07. Calamine
08. Tell the Man
09. Worthless & Pure
10. Eating Dirt
11. Here

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