Jeff Beck shares first studio recording in five years, “Tribal” — listen

One of two new tracks from the forthcoming live album, Live+


Photo by ​Ross Halfin

Jeff Beck will release his fifth live album in seven years, Live+, on May 19th through Atco Records. In addition to classics like “Going Down” and covers such as Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” and The Beatles’ “A Day in the Life”, the release features Beck’s first studio recordings in over five years.

The two new tracks are titled “My Tiled White Floor” and “Tribal”, the latter of which has been shared online. A largely instrumental rock number with Ruth Lorenzo’s wailing vocals over top, the song is crafted like an EDM track based on Beck’s furiously distorted, titled riff.

“‘Tribal’ was the first thing I came up with, on day one of the L.A. recording sessions,” Beck told Rolling Stone. “It was meant to be for extreme club/dance-type music, and it went through several radical changes that just didn’t work. So with Ruth’s vocal we stripped it back to just me and [drummer] Veronica [Bellino], with Rhonda [Smith]’s bass dubbed later, which brought back the wild roughness that I was originally after.”

Check it out:

Live+ was recorded during Beck’s 2014 joint headlining tour with ZZ Top, which was cut short following bassist Dusty Hill’s hip injury. The two groups will make up some of those dates this year. Beck is also working on a new full-length record.

Live+ Tracklisting:
01. Loaded
02. Morning Dew
03. You Know You Know
04. Why Give It Away
05. A Change Is Gonna Come
06. A Day in the Life
07. Superstition
08. Hammerhead
09. Little Wing
10. Big Block
11. Where Were You
12. Danny Boy
13. Rollin’ and Tumblin’
14. Going Down
15. Tribal (Studio Recording)
16. My Tiled White Floor (Studio Recording)

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