Major Lazer shares new song “Bass Drop” featuring Andy Samberg — listen

A non-album track featuring The Lonely Island funnyman making noises


Diplo won’t release Major Lazer’s new album Peace is the Mission until June 1st, but today fans can hear a brand new song from the EDM project.

“Bass Drop” (really? That title hasn’t been used already?) features The Lonely Island/Brooklyn Nine Nine funnyman Andy Samberg on the mic. Though it’s not readily apparent exactly where Samberg shows up in the blare of sirens and noise, it’s presumably his voice making all those sound effects and maybe even delivering the “You just met your fucking end, Maker; Dr. Bass Drop!” part. Sure, those “bbweeeee” and “unnnn” noises he’s making sound like they could be mocking this type of music, but Major Lazer never purported to be a 100% serious-minded endeavor. Check out the song via the animated visualizer below.

“Bass Drop” was premiered on the latest episode of Major Lazer’s  FXX’s cartoon.

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