No one recognized U2, in disguise, busking in a subway station

U2-centric episode of Jimmy Fallon also featured sketch about Bono crashing his bicycle

U2 subway

    U2 was forced to scrap its scheduled residency on The Tonight Show in November after a bicycle accident left Bono with several broken bones. Bono was more than willing to poke fun at the incident with a funny sketch that kicked off the band’s Friday night return appearance to 30 Rockefeller Center.

    The U2-centric episode of Jimmy Fallon also featured footage of the band busking in the subway of Grand Central Station. Initially in disguise, passerbys failed to recognize the band as they performed “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”. Ultimately, they revealed themselves and instantly drew a big crowd for “Desire”.

    Back inside the studio, U2 performed “Song For Someone” from Songs of Innocence, as well as “Beautiful Day” and “Angel of Harlem”.

    Watch all the highlights below.

    Bike sketch:

    U2 busking:

    “Beautiful Day”:

    “Song For Someone”:

    “Angel of Harlem”: