Stream: Pale Honey’s self-titled debut album

Swedish indie rock duo bond over a mutual love of Queens of the Stone Age and PJ Harvey

Self-Titled Debut Stream

    Swedish indie rock duo Pale Honey will release its self-titled debut on May 5th via Instant Records. In anticipation, it’s streaming in full below.

    The 10-track effort follows up on the band’s 2014 EP, Fiction. Though this is their first full-length, guitarist Tuva Lodmark and drummer Nelly Daltrey have been performing music together since elementary school, bonding over a mutual love for acts like Queens of the Stone Age and PJ Harvey. While the two-piece’s sound has evolved since those early years, they’ve managed to maintain a distinct, stripped-down approach. This is readily apparent on Pale Honey, which was recorded in producer Anders Lagerfors’ kitchen.

    A press release describes the band’s new material as songs that “routinely flirt with the polite, before exploding into fits of distortion,” an apt characterization considering the way in which album highlights “Youth”, “Tease”, and “Lonesome” seem to fizz and flare unexpectedly like firecrackers on the fritz. Like a well-scripted thriller, the LP effortlessly tosses out just the right amount of sonic twists and turns — a push, then a pull; a howl, followed by a whimper — to keep listeners hooked through to the very end.

    In an interview last year, Pale Honey talked about their Fiction EP, saying it was just a taste of what’s to come. “We like to think of the EP as an appetizer to our debut album,” they explained. “if people like this EP they’ll get their mind blown when the album comes out.” Consider the mission accomplished.

    Pre-orders are ongoing.

    Pale Honey Tracklist:
    01. Over Your Head
    02. Fish
    03. Youth
    04. Bandolier
    05. Lonesome
    06. Fiction
    07. Desert
    08. Tease
    09. 0100
    10. Sleep