Stream: Washer and Flagland’s ferocious split EP

New York DIY punks converge with searing 7-inch

Split EP

    New York punk outfits Washer and Flagland will release a split 7-inch EP on May 5th via Exploding In Sound Records & East Coast Basements and Bedrooms. In anticipation, it’s streaming in full below.

    The four-track EP is the final split single in a trio of releases by ECB&B. The previous two each featured Washer and Flagland paired up with fellow DIY punks Big Ups, but this marks their first release the two bands have put out together. It includes Flagland’s jaunty and yelp-strewn “Awesome Song, Kerry Jan” and Washer’s pithy yet rambunctious rocker “Joe”.


    Existing within the same New York City several for the last several years, each group eagerly heaped praise onto the other.

    “Trim all the fat off of rock ‘n’ roll’s bloated corpse and you’re left with a lean filet. That filet is Washer,” says Flagland frontman Kerry Kallberg. “No artifice, no pretense; just two dudes hammering away at their instruments with sincerity and conviction. Less instruments, more honesty.”

    Adds Washer frontman Mike Quigley, “The thing about Flagland is that they’re the best band. In about four years they’ve put out three LPs and two 7-inches. And those LPs are all under-appreciated masterpieces, without exaggeration. They play anything to ever have ‘-rock’ appended to it, and do it better than the rest of us.”

    Pre-orders for the 7-inch are ongoing.

    Flagland / Washer Split EP Tracklist:
    01. Flagland – Awesome Song, Kerry Jan
    02. Flagland – Lay Down With Me And Die
    03. Washer – Clid
    04. Washer – Joe