Westkust share new song “Dishwasher” — listen

Swedish indie rock outfit shares summer anthem with winter pessimism


    Though hailing all the way from Sweden, indie rock outfit Westkust has managed to capture the immediate excitement of Californian guitar rock. It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise — after all, its name is Dutch for “West Coast.” The group’s been fine-tuning this sound since 2010, but naturally, there have been changes along the way. Within Westkust’s first year of existence, it swapped everything from guitarists to singers to songwriters. It wasn’t until 2011 that the five-pice finally solidified its lineup, bringing in Hugo Randulv and Gustav Andersson, who also play in the post-punk group Makthaverskan.

    Since then, Westkust has gone on to release its 2013 Junk EP and a 7-inch, all building up to its full-length debut, Last Forever, which is out June 30th via Run For Cover Records. Already we’ve heard the scorching opening track, “Swirl”, which was a deemed one of our Top 10 Songs of the Week. Now, the band’s at it again with the bleary yet potent “Dishwasher”.

    Right away, the track opens with a burst of energy as waves of guitar rush in through the mix. Andersson and vocalist Julia Bjernelind take turns handling the verses and choruses, their voices like rattling and rallying instruments of their own. Underneath the distortion-laden romp is a downer love story, with both partners heavily detailing their flaws. “Take my hand and never leave though I am terrible/ I’m running out of time, throw it all away,” Bjernelind sings with urgency. It’s a summer anthem with a winter-like pessimism running through its veins.


    Listen in below.

    Last Forever Tracklist:
    01. Swirl
    02. Dishwasher
    03. Drown
    04. 0700
    05. Weekends
    06. Easy
    07. Jonna
    08. Summer 3D
    09. Another day

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