White Reaper shares stomping new single “I Don’t Think She Cares” — listen

White Reaper does it again with a new track from White Reaper Does It Again


Photo by ​Michael Powell

White Reaper will release their debut LP, White Reaper Does It Again, on July 17th via Polyvinyl. Today, they’ve indeed done it again by delivering their latest single, “I Don’t Think She Cares”.

Like “Makes Me Wanna Die” before it, this new track is a neatly-packed two-minute garage juggernaut that pounds like a 70s dance jam pumped up on punk rock amphetamine. A twist of enraged disappointment about realizing the object of your affection no longer feels that affectionate, the track “romps and stomps like a certain girl on a certain guy’s heart,” as a press release puts it. Take a listen to the fast and furious cut below.

The band is currently on the road debuting more of the material from the forthcoming record. Check their full itinerary here, and the White Reaper Does It Again tracklist below.

01. Make Me Wanna Die
02. I Don’t Think She Cares
03. Pills
04. On Your Mind
05. Last 4th of July
06. Alone Tonight
07. Candy
08. Sheila
09. Friday the 13th
10. Wolf Trap Hotel
11. Don’t You Think I Know
12. B.T.K.

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