Bird Peterson premieres new song “Not Again” and “Sugarface” remix — listen

Austin beatmaker bids farewell to the trap genre on his latest album, Plume


    On July 7th, Bird Peterson will drop his new full-length, Plume. The Austin-based producer handled the production and mixing duties himself, while Jesse Keeler of Death from Above 1979 and MSTRKRFT was tapped to master.

    According to Peterson, the 13-track LP is meant to double as a refreshing spin on electronic music, as well as something of a “farewell to trap” statement. To drive this idea home, Peterson enlisted a genre-spanning list of guest collaborators, including Minneapolis MC Astronautalis, groovy synthpop artist and former Twin Shadow bassist Rush Midnight, electropop trio Keeper, and rap collective Space Camp Death Squad.

    Already we’ve heard the Astronautalis-aided lead single “Sugarface”, which traced the connections between hip-hop and MDMA. This week, we’ve been given another peek at Plume with the dreamy “Not Again”. Led by the magical coo of Austin trio Keeper, it’s a swirling number lined with pulsating beats.


    As a bonus, Peterson has also revealed a swinging remix of “Sugarface” by Miami beatmaker DJ Craze.


    In an email to Consequence of Sound, Peterson details how his career has evolved and why he’s ready to put the trap genre behind him:

    “I feel like this album is kind of a good ending point for my relationship with the trap genre. I was extremely lucky to get the opportunity to be a part of Diplo’s ‘Free Gucci’ mix back at the beginning of 2010, which started the entire Drankenstein series. After eight releases with Mad Decent (more than 100 tracks) and a bunch of other remixes, it makes sense that it would have taken over my sound. And as much fun as it’s been, I want to do something new. Maybe this is my inner Daniel Day Lewis talking, but I feel one of the best parts about being a artist/producer is that you can change completely and it doesn’t really affect what you did before. It’s all still there. But I want to go out with a bang. And this album is that. And it’s pretty deep. I went through some really fucked life and death stuff, and I wanted to create a work that was about being able to go through that and learn from it and walk out the other end. And the reality is that probably will come again, and thats ok. You use what you learn and identify the cycles and do it again. So this album sort of starts with the end and creates a loop in its feel. And I was so lucky to work with such insane artists as Astronautalis (mutual biggest fans scenario with SO MUCH more to come), Keeper (three of the most talented girls I’ve ever met, called friends, and get to work with again coming up. Their voices on this album are beyond gorgeous and I’m so proud of these girls), Rush Midnight (whose latest album blew my mind in so many ways), Space Camp Death Squad (seriously smart and hilarious rappers with a BP produced album coming out soon), and Flowerss (I want to give a special shout to Chris Larsen, one of the best song writers I’ve ever met in my life. I produced the last Flowerss record and we have a new one coming). The entire thing was mastered by my mentor and label partner Jesse F Keeler (DFA79, MSTRKRFT) and I can say with absolute certainty that my career wouldn’t exist without this guy. So there it all is. So long and thanks for all the dranks.”

    To coincide with today’s double premiere, Peterson has made Plume available on Bandcamp for just $7. Indeed, not only can you snag a copy of the album more than a week ahead of its official release date, but it’ll also come at a deeply discounted price. Grab yours here. Keeper, meanwhile, have a Peterson-produced EP on the way, so keep your eyes peeled.

    Plume Tracklist:
    01. Outroduction
    02. Maybe
    03. Sugarface (feat. Astronautalis)
    04. Horse Feathers
    05. Puberty
    06. Not Again (feat. Keeper)
    07. Crown And Anchor (feat. Flowerss)
    08. Comfortable
    09. Chuck Roast (feat. Space Camp Death Squad)
    10. Alive
    11. Sexy Trash
    12. Thousandaires
    13. Nothing Really Turns Me On (feat. Rush Midnight)


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