Dirty Projectors’ Angel Deradoorian announces debut album, shares “A Beautiful Woman” — listen

The Expanding Flower Planet arrives in August


    Angel Deradoorian, former bassist and vocalist for Dirty Projectors, is gearing up to release her own solo debut under the name Deradoorian. The Expanding Flower Planet is slated to hit shelves on August 21st via Anticon. According to a press release, Deradoorian — who’s also played with Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks and counts Flying Lotus and Vampire Weekend as past collaborators — “synthesizes faint hints of Alice Coltrane and Can, Terry Riley and Dorothy Ashby.”

    “A new world springs from ancient traditions — with East Indian, Middle Eastern, traditional Japanese music and Native American rhythms aligned with Deradoorian’s singular orbit,” the statement adds. The Expanding Flower Planet “transmutes ethereal abstractions into crystalline harmonies and sinuous grooves. It’s music nurtured with the idea of healing, exciting, inspiring, enlightening. Drones, dissonance, warmth and love.”

    Our first preview of the LP comes with “A Beautiful Woman”, a gorgeous, shape-shifting number led by Deradoorian’s surreal vocals. It’s the ideal song to introduce her solo career. Listen in below.


    The Expanding Flower Planet Tracklist:
    01. A Beautiful Woman
    02. Expanding Flower Planet
    03. Violet Minded
    04. Komodo
    05. Your Creator
    06. The Invisible Man
    07. DarkLord
    08. Ouneya
    09. The Eye
    10. Grow

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