Donald Trump calls Neil Young a “hypocrite”

Legendary rocker prevented presidential candidate from using "Rockin' in the Free World" to soundtrack his campaign


The Donald Trump and Neil Young saga continues.

Trump kicked off his own presidential campaign by riding down an escalator with Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World” serving as the soundtrack. Young immediatly sent a cease and desist to Trump saying he did not have permission to use the song. Later, he came out in support of Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and granted him the rights to use his song during his own campaign.

Today, however, The Donald fired back in retaliation, calling Young a “hypocrite.” On Twitter this evening, Trump wrote, “A few months ago Neil Young came to my office looking for $$ on an audio deal & called me last week to go to his concert. Wow!”

A second tweet included a picture of him and Young shaking hands like two friends who’ve just brokered a good deal [in this case, stocks in Young’s Pono music service]. “For the nonbeliever, here is a photo of @Neilyoung in my office and his $$ request — total hypocrite.” While all signs seem to indicate a hurt ego, of the “Rockin'” song that started it all, Trump tossed off a nonchalant comment: “Didn’t love it anyway.” Ouch.

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