Ezra Furman premieres inspirational new song “Ordinary Life” — listen

Singer-songwriter urges us to seek new perspectives, "to live, not die"


    Ezra Furman is a person of action and metamorphosis, someone whose comfort zone can only be described as “on the go” and “ever-changing.” This personal restlessness is one of the main focuses of the San Francisco-based singer-songwriter’s forthcoming album, the aptly titled Perpetual Motion People.

    In a press release, Furman explains further:

    “That’s who it was made by and that’s who it’s for. People who feel they can never settle. I’m restless in most aspects. I don’t tend to live in one place for long. I am always changing the way I present my gender. My religious life is intensely up and down in terms of observance and personal convictions. I’ve always viewed the idea of truth itself as something wobbly, always slipping out of our grasp. That’s what the songs are about: a head that is haunted, a society I cannot join, a lover who is perpetually in the act of leaving. A central idea is the fugitive or runaway, in a hideout built in the midst of an unfriendly or alienated world.”

    Much like opening track “Restless Year”, Furman’s latest song “Ordinary Life” is a rattling anthem that digs at the soul and captures Perpetual’s essence. Lyrically, it acts as a plea urging us to look beyond the norm, challenge the world around us head-on, and be open-minded — embracing, even — of the unknown. “I’m sick of this record already/ Let’s wreck all the pre-conceived notions we bring to it,” Furman sings.


    “This is an autobiographical song about a time I was at the end of my rope,” the songwriter tells Consequence of Sound. “It was written as a reminder to myself and others that our best weapon against deadening routine is constant renewal, both internal and external. A constant shifting of perspective is necessary for survival — so live, don’t die. And don’t forget to ditty bop sha lang lang.”

    Musically, the track accomplishes quite a bit without weaving complex arrangements. Instead, it’s Furman’s voice that does most of the heavy lifting. Rallying verses can be heard careening triumphantly, while a march-like mix of tambourine and drums steadily sets the pace. The unfamiliar isn’t always easy to approach or understand, but with Furman leading the way, it sounds like one heck of an enriching, and, most importantly, vital experience.


    The 13-track Perpetual Motion People serves as the follow-up to 2013’s Day of the Dog and was recorded in Furman’s hometown of Chicago with backing band The Boyfriends (Jorgen Jorgensen, Ben Joseph, Sam Durkes, and Tim Sandusky). It’s due out on July 10th via Bella Union. For more, check out “Lousy Connection”.

    Furman will also be on the road touring throughout Europe and the US; find all the dates here.

    Perpetual Motion People Tracklist:
    01. Restless Year
    02. Lousy Connection
    03. Hark! to the Music
    04. Haunted Head
    05. Hour Of Deepest Need
    06. Wobbly
    07. Ordinary Life
    08. Tip of a Match
    09. Body Was Made
    10. Watch You Go By
    11. Pot Holes
    12. Can I Sleep In Your Brain?
    13. One Day I Will Sin No More

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