Get Suave! Take Home Some David Lynch-Inspired Artwork

Also: Look at over 100 photos from our Celebration.


    Hey, you wanna go for a ride?

    Then saddle up with Frank and the boys on Saturday, June 13th and head over to Chicago’s historic Music Box Theatre where Consequence of Sound is hosting A Celebration of David Lynch. It’s a night to remember with a screening of Blue Velvet, a missing ear scavenger hunt, and much more. But hey, even if you can’t make it out, you can take a slice of Lumberton, or even Twin Peaks, home with you!

    To commemorate the occasion, we’ve assembled 15 works by 11 damn fine artists inspired by Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive, and even the man himself. These pieces will be on display and available for purchase at the event, but for a limited time you can order high-quality prints from our Society 6 store.

    Peruse our full gallery below and click through to the store pages where you’ll be able to score prints until June 20th. Do it for Van Gogh.


    Update: What an event! Thank you to the hundreds of fans who came out and flooded the Music Box Theatre on Saturday night. We hope you enjoyed the few bizarre hours together and that Frank wasn’t too much of a pest.

    If you’re still interested in picking up various pieces of art, please peruse the online gallery below. We’ve also uploaded all of the photos from the event, including those taken in our makeshift “photo booth.”

    Cap Blackard:

    "Lynchian" by Cap Blackard"Don't You Fucking Look at Me" by Cap Blackard"The Lonesome Foghorn Blows" by Cap Blackard

    Ivonna Buenrostro

    "I Hate Slick and Pretty Things" by Ivonna Buenrostro

    Jeremy Couturier

    "Into the Night" by Jeremy Couturier

    Steven Fiche

    "Half Piece" by Steven Fiche

    Kristin Frenzel

    "The Red Room" by Kristin Frenzel

    Jorunn Joiner

    "Blue Velvet" by Jorunn Joiner

    Alex R. Kirzhner

    "I Hate Us Both" by Alex R. Kirzhner

    Allison Reimold 

    "This is the Girl" by Allison Reimold [Diptych][Also available as individual pieces to be hung as a diptych:  Left  |  Right]

    Jason Shorr

    "Blue Velvet" by Jason Shorr

    Patrick Carson Sparrow

    "Blue Velvet" by Patrick Carson Sparrow

    Andrew Swainson

    "Hit Me" by Andrew Swainson

    Photo Booth Gallery

    All photography by Sergio Soltero. Find your photo below!


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