Half Japanese’s Jad Fair and Jason Willett share new song “The Greatest Power” — listen

Art punks break out on their own with upcoming album

The Greatest Power

    Last year, art-punk outfit Half Japanese returned after 13 years of silence with the comeback album Overjoyed. The long break was atypical for a band with such a consistent output, having released over 30 albums in 30 years. Now, it seems like the band members are at least returning to prolific form, with frontman Jad Fair and bassist Jason Willett venturing off to record on their own.

    This isn’t the first time Fair and Willet have branched out. The duo has released 12 albums together, starting with 1992’s Rieder LP. Their collaborative line continues with their new album, The Greatest Power, out September 8th via Dymaxion Groove Records. To commemorate the release, Fair and Willet have shared the album’s title track.

    “This was a first take of a song we never did before,” Fair says of “The Greatest Power”. “I had a song title, but no lyrics written down. I like the spontaneity the song has. It has a very natural flow to it.”


    Willet and Fair’s collaborations have long been deeply experimental, and “The Greatest Power” continues that track. Yet the song is much more accessible than some of their previous work thanks to Fair’s infectious vocal melody. An electronic drum beat provided by Drag City’s Michael Evans pitters and patters beneath out-of-tune, ringing guitar chords. Though featuring just two members, it feels just as fun as a canonical Half Japanese track, quirks and all.

    The Greatest Power Tracklist:
    01. 1111
    02. Monster On the Loose
    03. Are You Ready?
    04. Peace Sign
    05. Hold That Tiger
    06. I Remember Every Word You Said
    07. Far Away At Sea
    08. Bubblegum Cottoncandy
    09. Frankenstein Conquers the World
    10. Let’s Go To Paris
    11. Attack of The Giant Leeches
    12. Ani’t No Sin
    13. Good as Soda Pop
    14. Giant From the Unknown
    15. Everybody Happy?
    16. Mars Invaded Earth
    17. Drum Drop
    18. The Greatest Power