Stream: Tough Age’s new album I Get the Feeling Central

Vancouver punks return with their sophomore LP.

I Get The Feeling

    After the unexpected success of their 2013 self-titled debut, Vancouver punk outfit Tough Age found themselves with a new outlook on success. The band that once recorded lo-fi tracks was reaching an audience they never imagined would expand beyond their city. The response had a major thematic effect on their upcoming sophomore album, I Get the Feeling Central, out June 23rd via Mint Records.

    “This album is my reminder that every time I want to quit, I know deep down I won’t because I was making music a long time before anyone wanted to premiere anything I did and I’ll still be making it long after anyone cares, too,” frontman Jarrett Samson says. “That might seem like a heady thing to claim a pop record is about, but that’s it, gang. Even if it does have a song called ‘Flamenco Wiccan’ on it.”

    The results are a deeply personal record, with Samson embracing what made their first album so special. Obscure comic book references and surrealistic imagery are peppered throughout the LP but never become overwhelming or distracting. It all adds to the infectious energy, underscored by bright guitars and earnest vocal melodies. Despite recording in a bigger studio, the band retains that scuzzy and fuzzy sound.


    Stream it below.

    Pre-orders are ongoing.

    I Get the Feeling Central Tracklist:
    01. 50 Girls 50
    02. Snakes & Ladders
    03. Gutter Lemon
    04. Flamenco Wiccan
    05. Warm Hair
    06. Landau Luckman & Lake
    07. Flotsam
    08. “Walk!”
    09. New Orleans Square
    10. Castigation
    11. Guilt
    12. I Get the Feeling Central

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