There’s a Morrissey with Cats Tumblr and it’s exactly what you’d expect

The Smiths frontman's love of felines as told through Tumblr pictures


    Morrissey’s relationship with cats has long been documented through vivid, albeit odd, pictures, as well in the written word. Here is how The Smiths frontman described his feline friends in a Daily Telegraph interview not too long ago:

    “The basic fascination I have with cats is nothing unusual. I find them very intelligent and very superior. And I feel entranced by them. If I see one in the street I feel immediately drawn to the cat. I have a friend, Chrissie Hynde [the singer with The Pretenders], she’s exactly the same. You can be walking with her along the street, she sees a cat, she walks away. You continue to walk on, talking to no one. You look around and she’s crouched down with a cat in a hedge. I’m exactly the same way. I’m fascinated by them.”

    When asked in the same article whether he prefers “the company of cats to the company of people,” he answered simply and frankly, “Well, I don’t have much choice. People don’t like me.”

    Seeing how cats probably don’t care if you cancel on them time and time again, Morrissey makes a good point. Which brings us to the existence of a new Tumblr that captures the very essence of the singer-songwriter’s complex cat connection: Morrissey With Cats. The site features entertaining page after entertaining page of pics showing the famed vegetarian cuddling up with cute felines (and in some cases, having them rest on his head). Feast your eyes on a few of the images below and then head over to the full Tumblr.


    What I want to know now is: What does Billy “PAWS” Corgan think about all this?