Future Islands’ Sam Herring and Madlib team up as Trouble Knows Me

Herring revitalizes his Hemlock Ernst persona with some first class beats


    Samuel T. Herring of Future Islands isn’t exactly a stranger to the rap game. Now, the man otherwise known as Hemlock Ernst is taking things to the next level by teaming up with producer Madlib for a new project called Trouble Knows Me.

    With Madlib on the boards and Hemlock on the flow, the pair will release a self-titled 12-inch on September 1st featuring three instrumentals and three rap tracks. A limited number of copies with screen-printed covers are available for purchase right now via Rappcats. Madlib will also be selling a few at his show tonight at Chicago’s The Mid, with covers screen printed right on site. They’ll also be sold at a Rappcats popup shop located at 5636 York Boulevard in Los Angeles on Saturday from 12-4 p.m.

    To preview the release, they’ve shared the self-titled track, “Trouble Knows Me”. With a soulful back beat and his own vocals behind him, Herring … err, Hemlock spits lines like, “With a crumpled pack of Camels and a tarnished coke spoon/ Always thought I had potential more than most do.” Take a listen:


    Trouble Knows Me Tracklist:
    Side A:
    01. Intro (Sensuous Cause)
    02. Streetsweeper
    03. Trouble Knows Me
    04. Interlude (Vision Incomplete)
    05. Celebrity Vision
    06. Outro (Drums & Loops)

    Side B:
    Instrumentals of side A

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