La Luz shares new single “Don’t Wanna Be Anywhere” — listen

Another Ty Segall-produced track from Weirdo Shrine


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    Seattle’s own La Luz have shared a second track off their Ty Segall-produced sophomore LP, Weirdo Shrine. Though still rolling with the surf vibes of lead single “You Disappear”, the CoSigned four-piece delivers a darker tune with “Don’t Wanna Be Anywhere”.

    Like much of Weirdo Shrine, this new single deals with death, covering the sorrowful topic in a glittering twang. Think of it like the glint of sun off the top of the ocean only belying the suffocating darkness of the waters underneath. “A friend of mine died in Michigan, that I was close to when I was in high school,” singer/guitarist Shana Cleveland told Rookie Magazine of the song’s meaning. “I was thinking about how when someone dies the world is almost physically changed because they’re not giving back to it and their breath isn’t in the atmosphere. That’s the lyrical meaning of the song, for me.”

    Cleveland added, “But there’s also a lot of breath in the song. The first line is, ‘I don’t wanna be anywhere, you have not breathed the air.’ A lot of that song is also just like breathing, all four of us breathing, all the aaahs and ooohs and stuff.” So, take a breath, and hit play below.


    Weirdo Shrine, the followup to 2012’s It’s Alive, is due out August 7th via Hardly Art. Find the full tracklist below. And ICYMI, check out our recent CoSign feature interview with the band.

    Weirdo Shrine Tracklist:
    01. Sleep Till They Die
    02. You Disappear
    03. With Davey
    04. Don’t Wanna Be Anywhere
    05. I Can’t Speak
    06. Hey Papi
    07. I Wanna Be Alone (With You)
    08. I’ll Be True
    09. Black Hole, Weirdo Shrine
    10. Oranges
    11. True Love Knows


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