Mike McCready and Barrett Martin reflect on Mad Season’s final show in new interview — watch

The surviving band memebers look back ahead of Mad Season: Live at The Moore's vinyl release


    On April 29th, 1995, the alt-rock supergroup Mad Season took the stage at Seattle’s The Moore and played what would be the final show with their original lineup. Though members Mike McCready and Barrett Martin would play together in various incarnations of the group over the years, the late singer Layne Staley and bassist John Baker Saunders would never again join them on stage. Now, 20 years later, that historic concert is being commemorated by making the entire show available on 12-inch vinyl for the first time ever.

    Dubbed Mad Season: Live at The Moorethe double-LP will be released on August 28th via Legacy and Columbia. In anticipation of the release, Martin and McCready returned to the very venue in which the concert took place to reflect upon that night two decades ago. Over the course of the five-minute clip intercut with rehearsal and live footage, the pair touch on the preparation the band put in before the big show as well as the legacy it left.

    “What made that night so special was that there was this reflexive thing that happened between the band and the audience,” Martin says of the atmosphere in the venue during the show. “We could feel their energy and they could feel ours, and it magnified. So throughout the night it just got more and more intense.”


    For his part, McCready expresses the pain of not being able to share this anniversary with Staley and Saunders, but the joy that their music lives on. “That’s what I’m happy about, more people can hear this night that happened… And if people can get any kind of solace or any kind of good feeling out of it or answers or just great rock, then it’s done its purpose.”

    Watch the whole thing here:

    Pre-orders for the gatefold-packaged double vinyl, which features new liner notes by Martin, are going on right now, so order yours here.


    Mad Season: Live at The Moore Tracklist:
    Side A
    Wake Up
    Lifeless Dead
    Artificial Red

    Side B
    River Of Deceit
    I Don’t Want to Be a Soldier (written by John Lennon)
    Long Gone Day

    Side C
    I’m Above
    I Don’t Know Anything
    X-Ray Mind

    Side D
    All Alone
    November Hotel