ShowYouSuck premieres new song “Wrong Name in the Deathnote” — listen

Plus, a Q&A in which the Chicago rapper discusses pizza, Terminator, and Star Trek


    Like a reliable pizza driver, CoSigned Chicago rapper ShowYouSuck has been consistently delivering sizzling, pizza-themed mixtapes since 2011. His One Man Pizza Party series has become a staple of his catalog, mixing loads of pop culture and pepperoni references with off-kilter beats. Now, he’s preparing to release his latest installment, One Man Pizza Party Vol. 5: CrustPunx, later this summer. To tide fans over, the MC’s shared a one-off track called “Wrong Name in the Deathnote”.

    The dark production of Professor Fox suits the song’s name, an allusion to the murderous anime series Deathnote. In fact, it’s not the only Japanese animation to score a shout out from ShowYouSuck; near the end of the track, he brags, “Boy I’m watching Bleach while your ass is in the bleachers.” The mercurial backdrop flips from ominous organ tones to jazzy samples, reminiscent of a movement on J Dilla’s Donuts. Like a chameleon, the Chi-Town native’s flow moves like a shapeshifter, adapting to each new environment with ease.

    Listen/download “Wrong Name in the Deathnote” below.


    As with ShowYouSuck’s previous material, “Wrong Name In The Deathnote” comes loaded with a number of references. In a Q&A, he talks about some of those (including his Terminator fandom), as well clues us in on what we can to expect to hear on the forthcoming Vol. 5 and what he considers is the perfect slice of pizza.

    So this track is coming in advance of One Man Pizza Party Vol. 5 — do you have a subtitle for that yet? I know you were crowdsourcing suggestions on Twitter, and our own Adam Kivel was a big fan of “Crust Punx”.

    Yeah, the subtitle is CrustPunx. I was going back and forth for a long time with different titles but I decided that CrustPunx was something I could take and own even though it kind of has a negative connotation to it.


    Why is this song not on Vol. 5, and where does it fit in with — or stand out from — stylistically from that material?

    Well, the album has been finished for four or five months now, and this song in particular was made last Friday. Basically it”s three songs cut into one, three separate sounds, three separate ideas. It’s something that me and my longtime producer, Mike Jaxx, usually do with a song series called “Watching Walking Dead” where we take an hour and try to make three songs in that amount of time and whatever we end up with gets put together. It’s a lot of fun to do and I wanted to try that technique with Professor Fox. The sounds on this particular song kind of give you an idea of what sounds are being explored on OMPP5 and you’ll hear these songs tied in to other ones later I think.

    I believe this is the biggest gap between OMPP release you’ve had yet; the first two came in the same year with the next two coming once a year after that. Now, it’s been two years since Vol. 4. Why the break? Was it conscious/intentional?


    Well, the break was both conscious and unintentional [laughs]. Part 4 was supposed to be the last one, but it really didn’t get the response/support I was hoping for and then Dude Bro [the EP] came out and then I wanted to follow that up with either my EP Bummer or my full-length RAD, but due to timing, life and not really knowing what I’m doing in this whole music industry thing, my plans change very often [laughs]. I was recording songs that really didn’t fit into the projects I previously mentioned so I realized that I made another One Man Pizza Party album without trying. It’s really high energy so I thought that summer was a good time to release it, so now it’s found a home at Freshly Baked Records here in Chicago.

    You repeat near that, “All [you] need is one slice.” Describe that slice for us; where would it come from? What would it have on it? Who would you eat it with?

    Honestly, the perfect slice for me is any medium level pepperoni pizza from here in Chicago, it’s really comforting to have a slice that isn’t gross but also not too good [laughs].


    You’ve got a pretty good head for pop culture, and you reference Terminator and Star Trek in this track. Have you seen Terminator: Genysis or heard that Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto have signed on for a fourth Star Trek film? Any thoughts/opinions on those?

    That Terminator movie looks awful! [Laughs] The premise is just a reach, they should’ve stopped at part two.

    I actually love the new Star Trek movies, I watched them for the first time during a trip to Mexico last September. They really did a phenomenal job with those, so I’m stoked for the next one.


    Catch ShowYouSuck live at the following dates.

    ShowYouSuck 2015 Tour Dates:
    07/17 – Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge (Pitchfork Music Festival after show)
    07/26 – Chicago, IL @ Wicker Park Fest

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