Stream: Aqueduct’s first album in eight years, Wild Knights

Seattle indie-pop songwriter makes a joyous return

Wild Knights

Seattle indie pop outfit Aqueduct will release its first album in eight years, Wild Knights, on July 14th. In anticipation, it’s streaming in full below.

Primarily the solo project of songwriter David Terry, Aqueduct initially formed in Tulsa, Oklahoma before moving to the Emerald City in 2003. Terry quickly found himself opening for the likes of Modest Mouse and Death Cab for Cutie. He signed to Barsuk Records and released celebrated LPs such as 2004’s I Sold Gold and 2007’s Or Give Me Death. His songs, like a true aughts act, were even featured on The O.C. and Grey’s Anatomy.

After Or Give Me Death, Terry took a self-imposed hiatus for some time to reflect. Aside from a few one-off shows, Aqueduct has remained largely silent. Last year, however, that changed with the release of live album, Denny Park Summer, recorded solo on a piano at a Seattle park. Now, he’s finally making his official return with a new album that echoes his emotional journey.

“This is a dark, powerful and extremely personal record,” Terry tells Consequence of Sound. “To boil Wild Knights down to its core, this album is about picking yourself up off the floor, kicking your own ass, and comforting your psyche as you let yourself back down gently. Rinse and repeat … such is life.”

Despite all the time away, Wild Knights sounds just as fresh as his previous material. It’s like catching up with an old friend, chatting the night away about their struggles and triumphs. The kitschy piano tunes of “Paranoid Much” captures his adventurous spirit, combining bright tones with surrealistic musings. “Past the Point” may be one of the best ballads he’s written so far, recounting a relationship throughout the years with twang and airy pianos. Even with all recollections of darker times, there’s a joyousness permeating throughout the record. It’s good to have Terry back.

Pre-orders are ongoing.

Wild Knights tracklist:
01. The Petrified Forest
02. Simpleanimal
03. Legend of Kage
04. Paranoid Much
05. Falling Down
06. The Ballad of Barbarella
07. Street Fighter
08. Past the Point
09. Loose Molars
10. Young Guns II

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