Stream: Veruca Salt’s new album Ghost Notes

Reunion LP marks the first to feature the original lineup in nearly 20 years

Veruca Salt new album reunion Ghost Notes

    On July 10th, Veruca Salt will release its reunion album, Ghost Notes, via El Camino Records. In anticipation, the LP is streaming in full at

    The 14-track effort serves as the band’s fifth studio LP following 2006’s IV. More importantly, however, it marks the first record to feature the original Veruca Salt lineup of Nina Gordon, Louise Post, Steve Lack, and Jim Shapiro in nearly 20 years (the last full-length before Gordon’s departure was 1997’s Eight Arms to Hold You). Ghost Notes was produced by Brad Wood, known for his work on Veruca Salt’s debut, American Thighs, as well as records for Liz Phair, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Ben Lee.

    In an interview with Audio Collective last fall, Post discussed how the reunion came about and how it feels to finally have the band back together again:

    “Well, all the stars had to align for this unlikely event to transpire.  Nina and I had dinner in May 2012 after realizing we should probably truly get past our ancient stuff and play music together again.  I suppose enough time had passed for all of us individually to be open to the idea of reuniting.  By the time the four of us met for dinner, we had all developed true gratitude for what we once shared, and it struck us collectively as a good idea to get in a room together and play– beyond that, we didn’t know.  But not long after Nina and I sang the first note, we realized we were already making a new album, and by the time the whole band was together, we went straight into the new stuff.

    It feels magnificent.  It’s like we went through a battle, came out splintered and wounded and went our separate ways.  Now we have come full circle and are all healed up, happy with our lives and ready to play again.  This tour is our victory lap. Making new music is really like the icing on the cake.  And somehow that powerful chemistry still exists between us, giving way to good music.”


    Watch the video for “Laughing in the Sugar Bowl” below. Album pre-orders are ongoing here.

    Ghost Notes Tracklist:
    01. The Gospel According To Saint Me
    02. Black and Blonde
    03. Eyes On You
    04. Prince of Wales
    05. The Sound of Leaving
    06. Love You Less
    07. Laughing in the Sugar Bowl
    08. Empty Bottle
    09. Come Clean Dark Thing
    10. I’m Telling You Now
    11. Triage
    12. Lost To Me
    13. The Museum of Broken Relationships
    14. Atlernica


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