Willis Earl Beal shares stirring new single “Survive” — listen

Enigmatic experimental blues artist drops another off of Noctunes


    Photo​ ​by Rodrigo Melgarejo

    After issuing it in very limited quantities back in January, Willis Earl Beal is set to release his Noctunes LP wide on August 28th via Tender Loving Empire. It’s been a few weeks since we heard the first two songs off the release, “Flying So Low” and “Midnight”, and now Beal is back with the album’s latest single, “Survive”.

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    Like much of Beal’s prior work, “Survive” takes on minimal dressings, with wavering drones making murky the twinkling synths and hushed percussion. It’s the singer’s voice, as usual, that creates the unique richness of this lo-fi soul as Beal sings in a coo that’s at once wounded and comforting, “They tell you get off the stage but you can’t hear the call/ So stop beating your chest and acting like King Kong/ if you wanna survive.” Take a listen:


    Noctunes Tracklist:
    01. Under You
    02. Flying So Low
    03. Like a Box
    04. Lust
    05. No Solution
    06. Stay
    07. Say the Words
    08. Love Is All Around
    09. Able to Wait
    10. Survive
    11. Start Over
    12. Midnight


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