Menace Beach shares grungy new track “Ghoul Power” — listen

Another cut from the Leeds rockers' new EP, Super Transporterreum


Photo by Ben Lewis

Already this year, Menace Beach has delivered one collection of songs demonstrating their slightly skewed take on ’90s alternative sounds. That would be their debut LP, Ratworld, which they’re now following up with another such release, the Super Transporterreum EP. The title track from the October 2nd release showcased an indie pop tilt on their fuzzy rock stylings, while new single “Ghoul Power” goes somewhere else entirely.

Here, guitar lines skip and stumble through the band’s grungy muck, occasionally spiraling through a psych-rock stupor. Even the lyrics follow a similarly staggering path, with the layered vocals bouncing along happily before lurching into a sudden scream, or slopping into heavier tempers on the bridge and chorus. The arch is like that of a slightly disturbed party goer after having one too many drinks and quite loosing control of their mood.

The music is actually a well-structured parallel for the song’s meaning, as band member Ryan Needham says “Ghoul Power” is about “finding a little alien ghoul and discovering that when you keep him in close proximity he soaks up all your darkness and anxieties. So we hang out all the time and go to parties and shows and we manage to keep him secret which is great for a while but he can’t adjust to his new lifestyle and ends up a sweaty, pale wreck kinda like ET did, and then he gets diabetes and just wants to go home.”

Really. “It isn’t meant to be as cheaply metaphorical as it sounds,” Needham insists. Either way, it’s a fun, fuzzy, frenzied jam, and you can check it out below.

Pre-orders for both digital and vinyl editions of Super Transporterreum are going on now.

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