St. Vincent creates a “Mixtape” for a July 4th BBQ coming out party

Specifically for Stef, who came out to her parents at their big Independence Day bash


    St. Vincent hosted the latest episode of “St. Vincent’s Mixtape Delivery Service” for Beats 1 Radio on Tuesday night. This time around, she curated a playlist specifically for a young Chicago woman named Stef Jones.

    Stef had been dating her girlfriend for three years, but after moving back home with her parents post-college, she still hadn’t come out to them. She finally made the decision to open up to her family at their big 4th of July BBQ party, which her girlfriend just happened to be attending. “Talk about independence, right?” Stef said.

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    Stef and Annie Clark discussed what it was like coming out and how all the parties involved reacted. It’s still a work in progress with Stef’s family, but Clark offered up some sound advice in between dropping tracks from her specially selected mixtape. As she herself explained it, she started thinking about independence and all types of love before getting incredibly literal and going for songs about the 4th of July — like Soundgarden’s “4th of July”, for example.


    Things kicked off with a classic declaration of autonomy in George Michael’s “Freedoom”, followed by a little “Shout” by Tears for Fears. She then geared the songs a bit more directly towards Stef particularly with tracks like “Queen” by Perfume Genius and “i” by Kendrick Lamar. Elliott Smith brought it back around to the date in question with “Independence Day”, and it all closed out with ALVVAYS’s “Next of Kin”.

    Take a listen to the whole thing over at Apple Music, and find the playlist below.

    St. Vincent’s Mixtape Delivery Service (August 4th):
    01. Freedom – George Michael
    02. Shout – Tears For Fears
    03. Don’t Wanna Lose – Ex Hex
    04. Queen – Perfume Genius
    05. 4th of July – Soundgarden
    06. i – Kendrick Lamar
    07. Love is the Drug – Roxy Music
    08. Rebel Girl – Bikini Kill
    09. Liberty – Hercules & Love Affair feat. John Grant
    10. Independence Day – Elliott Smith
    11. Legal Tender – The B-52s
    12. Message of Love – The Pretenders
    13. Next of Kin – ALVVAYS